What Living in University Halls Is Really Like.

Everyone speaks about how much they loved their first year; moving out, getting drunk and meeting new people. But what people fail to mention is how irritating it is to live in university ran halls, or at least till you get there, then they never stop mentioning it. The University throws 6-8 people into a flat based purely on the fact that that type of accommodation was one of their options.

Moving out for the first time seems really exciting at first, finally getting the freedom to do whatever you like without anyone stopping you.. However it takes about 2 weeks for you to realise, you can’t budget, you’re not quite sure when meat goes off and things don’t clean themselves. You will learn that at home, although it might not feel like it, you have been living in luxury. At home the use by date was something of a law, however, at uni, it is completely disregarded as a bunch of students believe that the sniff test is better than what the team of trained professionals came up with back at the store. You will also realise, you’re not actually that bothered about talking to one of your parents, although if the other one hasn’t rang you for 48 hours you feel like they have forgotten about you. And you will get an overwhelming feeling of guilt every time you have to ask for money because you just spent your last Β£1 on flumps.

Cleanliness is probably the biggest issue of the student household. We all have different opinions on what is clean and your flat will range from the borderline compulsive cleaner to that one flatmate who you’re sure is part wild animal. Dishes left near the sink are no longer acceptable, as it becomes apparent that your flat can not function with a dirty plate in their midst, due to the 50 post-it notes you find on top of said dish telling you to clean it. You will know exactly what flatmate needed there parents to tell them when to shower, purely by the green aura he has when he occasionally scurrys out of his room for food. And good luck if you share a shower with a girl (or hairy male for that matter) as you will have to pick matted hair, skin and pubes from your drain, whilst your flat mates watch and say it couldn’t be theirs because its ‘too dark.’

When you move in, you will be given the keys to a painfully boring room, usually blue and white, which looks like where dreams come to die. But you won’t care, because you’ve told yourself that this is freedom, so you start unpacking your fancy new sheets, that your parents bought you (which will end up covered in cum and/or vomit) and hanging your posters (that will most likely get torn down at a flat party, or fall in the middle of the night just to scare you). You will do everything you can, in the first month, to make your room exactly how you want it, then you realise that you have filled your room so full you can physically study in it, which means for long trips to the library. And from then on anyone who ever comes into your flat will feel they are allowed to wander into your room and have a look around, to then walk out and take the piss because of your One Direction poster. -.-

You flats will become both, your friends for life and your worst nightmare. In most cases, you will get on with most of your flat, but this doesn’t really mean you like them. Just because you can have a 5 minute conversation, on the only thing you have in common every time you go in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you’re going to be invited to their wedding. There will be people who irritate the life out of you, and those you just can’t have a conversation with. But there will be some people in there who you absolutly love! These are the people who help put you to bed when your drunk, or tidy up after the flat party you had, while you’re throwing your guts up in the toilet. And these are the people you will most likely live with in 2nd year, because you couldn’t bare to live apart.

Living in halls can be great, but it can suck ass, but by making sure you make some good friends, and try to dishes, you can have an amazing year with some great people.

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