My First Month at My New Job!


So it’s been a whole month since I started my new job at in a restaurant and bar. Harbour Lights is a floating restaurant in a small new village called Burton Waters. Working here has been an amazing experience and I am really excited about this job! Despite having worked in a restaurant for 4 years and progressing from a waitress to head waitress, this job is completely different.

13516493_1099165856813276_7200186559251086788_nI have always worked for restaurants with brilliant reviews but I have never worked in such a upmarket place. The bar is intense, and I am by no means a bartender yet, but I am loving it! I am starting to pick up how to work quicker behind the bar and what different spirits are like.


We have now been open for 4 weeks and we have been amazed by how busy we have been! Harbour lights has been very well received and the locals have quickly become regular customers. I have been really enjoying the busy, fast paced environment. I am very excited to continue working here.


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